San Jose Tickets

Tickets for reserved seats  are: $100, $80, $50, free seating are $25.

SOLD OUT – $100

Seating Map and other Ticket Info

Download San Jose Ticket order form

【票務須知/Ordering Tickets】
1. 填寫完order form 後,可先email 至
Please fill out the order form then email to
2. 並請印出此order form,連同您的支票(payable to WCEO) 郵寄至44599 S Grimmer Blvd, Fremont, CA 94538,票務中心確認收到款項後才會執行開票作業
Please print out the order form and sent it with check to 44599 S. Grimmer Blvd, Fremont CA 94538. Tickets will be issued after payment received.
3. 凡於 7/20/2016 後欲購票者,請直接電洽票務中心,連絡電話為 510-252-9226
Please directly contact ticket center at 510-252-9226 if you order tickets after 7/20/2016
4. 請注意”四歲以下”兒童不宜入場
Please note that children under the age of 4 will not be admitted at the venue.
5. 所有 Ticket 售出後,概不接受任何理由退票
No tickets refunds for any reason.
6. 一樓採對號入座,提早付款即可享有提早劃位,二樓則採自由入座
Seats on the first floor are sold by individual seat numbers; early payment of tickets can ensure early seat allocation. Free seating on the second floor; please arrive early to choose a seat of your choice.

7. 開場前一個鐘頭開始入座。Seating starts on 1pm.